Alexsandra Wright…—Mathew Knowles(Mistress) SPILLDABEANZ in Interview!!! Pics of Son & Baby Mama Inside!!

Word begin to spread of a fake pregnancy, after video footage of Beyonce stomach looking like it collapsed, during an Australian Interview!! Though RUMORS that Bey was wearing a prosthetic were SHUT DOWN, many conspiracists suggested that the 30-year-old singer and her rapper husband Jay-Z, 41, were trying to conceal the use of a surrogate.

Now her father Mathew Knowles’ former mistress Alexsandra Wright , 40, is claiming that the 60-year-old asked her to hand over the child they conceived during their affair, for the superstar couple to raise as their own, to America’s Star Magazine!!

Alexsandra recalled: ‘My first thought when he asked me if I would give up our child to Beyonce and Jay-Z was, ‘Are you out of your mind?

The actress, who gave birth to son Nixon on February 4 last year after her 18-month extramarital affair with Beyonce’s father and former manager ended, stated: ‘Nothing in the world, no amount of money would make me give up my child, you can’t buy my child from me!’

‘Maybe Mathew thought money could buy anything,’ she added.

Alexsandra, who says she recorded her conversation with Mathew, then went on to ponder: ‘I don’t know why he suggested it.’

When that peculiar suggestion was rebuffed, Mathew then allegedly went on to offer the new mother money to leave his name off the birth certificate.

She rebuffed this offer, too.

Mathew denied that he was Nixon’s father when Alexsandra filed a paternity suit in October 2009 at her six month pregnancy mark.  The couple had been living together in Beverly Hills while Mathew was married to Beyonce’s mother, Tina, 57.

The suit eventually forced Tina’s hand, and she finally served her husband with divorce papers a month later, after thirty years of married life.

Beyonce then severed her professional relationship with her father earlier this year,  releasing a statement relaying that their personal relationship remained full ‘of love.’

Alexsandra, who claimed that Mathew ‘prayed for a boy’ and desperately wanted the child, says she believes that Beyonce knew nothing of her father’s strange scheme.

‘I don’t believe that Beyonce or anybody else has a clue about what was flying out of Mathew’s mouth,’ she insisted.

‘I don’t think it was anybody but Mathew.’

WOW!!! Now that’s CRAZYYY!!! How you gonna ask that lady to sell her baby??!?! Check out pics of little Nixon below…

Awww looks like Harvey’s stepping up to the plate—!!



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