Bobbi Kris Breaksdown at Billboard Music Awards Tribute to Whitney Houston…

Bobbi Kris along with her aunt Patricia Houston, accepted an award at the Billboard Music Awards Sunday night–after their tribute to the late great Whitney Houston.

Bobbi Kris was suppose to sing that night, but after all the rehashing of memories displayed of her mom,… that would’ve been Impossible! after witnessing the love and dedication during the tribute…she would’ve never made it through. Just Heartbreaking .

she stated:

“Thank you so much for showing that much love, because she deserved it. She did. I’m just blessed to have been in such an incredible woman’s life. There will never be another one ever, and I thank you, all of you – the fans, everyone. Thank you so much.”

Prayers go up for Bobbi Kris and the entire Houston family!! S.I.P Whitney..



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