Celeb Candids: Rihanna, Jennifer Hudson, J- Lo, + Halle Berry Does Her Own Grocery Shopping

Rihanna steps out dressed down.. in cut off shorts and some sneakers to attend a meeting in Los Angeles last night, with cute a Chanel handbag!

Jennifer Hudson steals the show in an eye-catching orange cape and black leather swing skirt, at a Versace dinner in New York on Wednesday night with her size 6 figure!!

Halle Berry does her own shopping believe it or not, as she was spotted leaving a Bristol Farms supermarket in West Hollywood with a content smile on her face.

Jennifer Lopez has been dolled up every night of her European tour, so I’m sure she felt like she was walking around naked in her over sized fluorescent red sweat suit!! J-Lo stepped out unusually casual in London on Wednesday with her twins and boyfriend Casper to do a little shopping!!





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