Floyd Mayweather Puts Ex Fiancee On Blast!! Says She Used Him For His Money..


Just hours before his 46th fightFloyd Mayweather Jr. headed over to V-103 radio to interview with Big Tigger!

During the interview, Floyd publicly blasts his ex-fiancee for lying about having a miscarriage, when in fact she really had an abortion.  

He also talks about how she used him to finance tons of plastic surgery (on her  her breasts, face and butt) and take care of her family.

Check out a few of the excerpts after the jump….

On why he decided to reveal his private information, publicly when he previously said he likes to keep his ‘private life’ private: 

Well in the beginning, I’ve always, If I do have a woman that’s my better half. I always let them know. You know, what we do is private? But sometime I guess, people like to go public with certain things and you can react. And you find out certain things.

 On him learning that Shantel had an abortion, not a miscarriage: 

Well you know, at first I received basically some information that was false. Then when I went on TV, I spoke about the situation I thought about the situation. I though let me put the picture on All Access. But then the people from Showtime said, That’s not a good idea. And I asked the people why not. They said, Floyd this is not a miscarriage, this is an abortion. So, I never knew that.

On being used financially by Shantel: 

All they worried about his looks and putting people down. All they worried about is money and fame….It’s just like a desperation for fame….She basically sold her Bentley. She sold her Bentley, had got money. She had sold two cars and got money, for one she got like $80K. I was upset with her…She was with Floyd Mayweather and left her money in a bad area…I at least put a gate around her mother house…Made sure her bills was paid…I was in love with a person that I didn’t know.

Shantel’s popularity on social media: 

You didn’t just wake up on get all those followers on Instagram…You don’t just wake up and get all of those followers on Twitter.

On Shantel having cosmetic surgery:

All she worry about is looks…talking about ‘I don’t wanna mess my body up’…She’s like ‘This girl don’t look better than me’ … ‘That girl has a fake booty’, ‘Look at that girl with the fake breasts’ but I’m like, everything that you got on you is fake. You got a fake butt. You got fake titties. I mean, you got work done on your face….You’re doing the same thing…That’s how you knew my love was genuine. I loved you from the heart because I accepted you for how you looked. No breasts, no butt, no face work, I accepted you because it was real love and pure love.






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