Guess Who’s Up Next? Usher Raymond Appears on Oprah’s “Next Chapter”!! {Sneak Peek Inside}

If you haven’t been tuning in to Oprah’s Next Chapter on OWN, then as I said before,,shame on you!! Oprah has been bringing you the business week after week, with her star-studded exclusive interviews!! From Top Olympics to Top charting Artists, Auntie O got you covered! So, who’s up next you might ask?? …Usher Raymond!

&& Oprah is making him spilldabeanz on it all!! Well actually, he’s volunteering to spill it all,– because this will be his first and last time addressing all the subjects you soo badly want to know about.  From his ugly custody battle he just overcame with ex-wife Tameka Foster, to what his relationship was like in general with her! Oprah even asked the man if he makes love to his own music…smdh (that damn Oprah). If no one knows what questions to ask.., trust me she do;

Usher’s mom even joined in on the conversation and addresses the reason behind her and Usher’s big fallout, that was rumored to be because of the relationship he had with Tameka..needless to say, you just have to tune in for the info yourself, this Sunday the 16th at 9/8c on OWN!!– but in the meantime check out a sneak peek of what’s to come after the break…



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