“He Don’t Deserve Me” —Tina Campbell Contemplates Filing For Divorce..

Tina Campbell is ANGRY and you cant even be mad at her.
If you’re a Mary Mary fan, than I’m sure you’ve been watching the true reality of Tina Campbell’s life unfold right before your eyes on their hit reality show, and let’s just say it haven’t been pleasant.
Last year, Tina shared with the world her broken spirit after her husband’s infidelity.
Well this Season on Mary Mary he revealed that it wasn’t just ONE affair, but it was MANY affairs that he had. Creating an emotional roller coaster for Tina,–who once considered forgiving her husband and making it work.
In the Sneak Peak of this week’s episode you can see a very fragile, yet broken Tina vent to her sister Erica about the situation she’s dealing with and how she can’t help but be negative.
She vents to Erica:
Since then, I’ve found out about more and I don’t want to hold onto somebody who I can not trust…You see, I have been trying, since the very beginning…You gon’ keep adding people? You gon’ keep adding people?
I thought we had a good life just like everybody else watching! I thought we was the ideal relationship just like everybody else. And I got to find out in front of the whole God dang world that all of my life was a lie? And you want me to quote scriptures right now? I’ve never kissed another man. I never went out with another man….I never cheated in my head…You stole my life away from me. I’m angry!
Why you gotta do this to me man, I was good to you. I was good to you! I don’t want him. I don’t want him. I don’t want him. He don’t deserve me.

Erica who admits that she has also been through a similar situation tries to be as positive as possible to her sister stating:

You ain’t never been through it. I have. Imma tell you how you get better. Even though you want to be negative, you make a conscious effort and a decision like fighting, a n*gga on the street. And work toward positive, that’s all you can do…
Neeedless to say…Tina was not hearing it. The best thing is just to allow Tina to soak in the pain of what she’s feeling and allow her to release it as she sees fit. That’s the only way that she’s going to find healing.
I just pray that God wraps his arms around her.



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