Hott or Nott ?? Keyshia Cole Reveals New Look!!

Keyshia Cole is making her way back on the scene after a long hiadus and she’s coming back with a new do!! KC recently shared with her fans a picture of her with all her hair chopped wayyyy off!! Making a statement:, “No Hair,.. Don’t Care” with the attached picture…

Although KC is known for going short, I think this is the shortest she has ever been and I actually Love It,–especially with the highlights!!

With the release of her first single off of her new album, entitled “Enough of No Love” ft. Lil Wayne,– to the gearing up for the premeire of her new Reality Show that’s due to air this fall, I guess you can say KC’s switching her style up..–& if they hate then let’em hate and watch the money pile up!!(Ha) Anywho, What do you think of the new cut??

Spotted @ cottenkandi




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