Is Toya Husband Memphitz the Blues Behind K. Michelle’s New Music?? {Details Inside}

Wow!! Her voice is AMAZING!! But who would’ve known the story behind her lyrics!

K. Michelle, just now stepping back on the scene–with her debut on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta Reality Show, has a story to tell and it’s far too interesting!!…–for those of you who seen the first episode of the show last night, then you can recall K. Michelle talking about how her old boyfriend/Manager beat the crap out of her, and took her $2million dollars she was given by Jive ( her former label), and spent it all on his own pleasures?!? Well guess who the guy is… Check out a few excerpts from a previous interview that will direct you straight to him after the break…

when referencing her struggle, K.Michelle stated in an interview with bemagazine,

“BEsides the normal stuff, my budget got spent, I got the shit BEat out of me, and what else (laughs). Still struggling, my baby’s father got married to my friend. I found a new guy that I like…he’s my black superhero (laughs). So a lots gone on, but I’m not even mad…if you would have caught me 3 months ago, I might have BEen like Emily Rose, with my head spinning in circles, but today, I pray a lot and take it all in stride.”

When asked if she feels like her domestic violence case compares to other high profile celebrity cases, she stated:

“I feel like I should have gotten Diane Sawyer too BEcause the person that did it to me, I’m signed to him. Blogs and different people made it look like I was crazy or psycho BEcause I went on twitter and asked for help BEcause people wasn’t hearing me. And also BEcause he was dating [Lil] Wayne’s baby mama Toya, and they [were] portraying him on TV to BE this great guy, when everybody at the record laBEl and that close to me & close to him know the truth & knows all the things he’s done. It hurst me. I’m getting BEtter about it, but how would you feel if everyday you woke up, you’re signed to the man that did that to you? How would that make you feel? And when they say I’m crazy, when they say I’m mean, HELL YEAH I’M CRAZY & I’M MEAN! I got to live with that everyday. Instead of the black community embracing and helping me, like Rihanna was helped by the black & the white community, and she was embraced…they spent blogs around and said that I was just mad BEcause of him and Toya. And I was just the bitter ex-girlfriend. Nobody offered me any help…”

there you have it…..the ex is Toya’s husband Memphitz! smdh… But her voice is killer..! check out the vid to one of her tracks below…



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