‘It’s More To Life Than The Block You Live On’ –Jennifer Hudson Delivers Powerful Speech..


Jennifer Hudson is now reaping what she sow! Since the tragic death of her mother, brother and nephew Julian back in 2008, J-Hud and her sister Julia have created a foundation in their memory.

Well actually the memory of her nephew, called the Julian D. King Gift Foundation which aims to provide stability, support and positive experiences for children of all backgrounds so that they can grow up to be productive, confident, successful and happy adults.

And last night at the People’s Choice Award that was held in Los Angeles, Jennifer was honored not for the outstanding talent she possess, but for her heart-warming ability to give back…–as The People’s Choice Award honored Jennifer Hudson with the humanitarian award!! Check out J-Hud’s heartfelt speech and the reaction of her assistant Walter Williams after finding out that Jennifer brought him a brand new home after the jump…

“I have to start off saying the same thing I said when I won my Oscar — look what God can do![…]This all started back home at church where we grew up. My mother always taught us that without family you have nothing, and whether you know it or not, we all are family, and what happens to the other happens to us, so it’s very important to make a difference. And for me as a kid, all it took was…I don’t even know what star it was that came to my school. I said, ‘Wow. If they did it, that mean I can do it, too. And that’s what we want to instill in our children to let them know if I did it then you can do it, too. We’re so quick to say we can’t or it can happen to them, but it can’t happen to me. Yes, I’m a witness that it can happen to us all.

“It’s one thing to be a celebrity and have power. It’s only so much we can have, but it means nothing if we’re not making a difference and helping someone else [and] trying to change a life. It also feels good to see positivity acknowledged. Where we come from all you hear about is who shot who and who went to jail. We want to show them it’s starting at home in Chicago ad hopefully worldwide one day to make a difference in every child’s life, but they’re only exposed to negativity. We want to show them that I came from the same area as you and if I can do it, you can do it. It does not stop there. It’s more to life than the block you live on.”

But it doesn’t stop there! Check out the reaction of J-Hud’s assistant Walter Williams when she surprises him with a HOUSE for Christmas!!! #priceless




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