Keyshia Cole BUSTED Giving Head…!!!

Keyshia Cole is highly upset about this photo that surfaced, portraying her or someone that look JUST like her having oral sex!! Ever since the pic hit the net, the media have been having a field day with it.

Not quite sure what all the hype is about, because obviously this is someone she was in a relationship with at some point in her life,– IF it is in fact her! But according to KC, don’t believe the hype!! Keyshia recently took to twitter to address the pic stating …

“Evil a$ haters STAY on some BullShyt! Y’all wish! Lol! Let em have fun! they seem to enjoy being filth, I say let emm talk!”

What do you think? Is it her? Take a look at the pic after the jump and post your thoughts… WARNING: Pic is VERY Graphic!!




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