Keyshia Cole: It’s Hard Work Staying Happily Married–Marriage Counseling Works !

For all those that thought it was easy..,take it from Keyshia Cole–marriage counseling works! Although the couple is happily married, it does take some commitment, hard work and communication.

Keyshia Cole hubby Daniel Gibson, was at first a bit hesitant to seek professional therapy for their marriage, but over time, he realized it was necessary.

“At first, I didn’t believe in it. I’m a strong Christian, so I believed that, like, you go to God and you fix it and you pray about it, but sometimes you do need a different opinion,” Daniel told

But it ain’t easy. Keyshia admits it’s work staying happily married.

“Once I get upset, there’s kind of no turning back,” the singer explained. “He knows that that’s not fair, and I know that’s not fair. Sometimes I really get caught up in my emotions and I’m really good at it. So, like our psychiatrist says, I have to try to do ‘the unnatural thing.’ So, I’m trying.”

Keyshia and Daniel says that marriage counseling does work,– for those that may be on the verge of giving up,– and it’s nothing to be ashamed about. Although, their schedules are hectic, the couple do try to make time for one another.



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