Khloe & Lamar Put Show on Hold..—while Lamar get Back to Training

Khloe and Lamar looked just as happy as can be at (brother in law)  Scott Disick’s RYU grand opening strolling hand and hand!! Despite all the divorce rumors of them having trouble in their marriage, due to Lamar no longer playing ball, and Khloe still not being able to make a family of her own. Which, realistically, I could imagine they were having some problems.. cause I mean seriously.. I’m sure that was a lot for them to inhale all at once, Lamar gettin’ the boot from the Lakers, then they had to pack up and move to Dallas–since that’s where he was being shipped.,. to become a flop!!–But anywho–that’s all about to change….now that Lamar is back in training …I guess?!

 Not that it matters to Khloe Kardashian, who seems to be doing just fine,– rocking a tuff pair of Jimmy Choo Letita 6 inch heels that night. Her hubby might be going down, but she on her way up…with a new season of ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’  being signed for a woping $40 million dollar deal, for 3 more seasons!! I’m sure she’s getting a good percentage of that!!



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