Lebron James Scrutinized For “Inappropriate” Pic With Chris Bosh Daughter..


Boy I tell you…social media sure have a way of turning the most innocent thing into something soo drastic!!

Miami Heat star player Lebron James, shouted out Chris Bosh on his instagram when he posted a picture of himself along with Bosh’s daughter Trinity, with the caption stating:

“OMG I need a daughter man! @chrisbosh I’m too jealous of u bro! She’s amazing dude. #DaddysLilGirl” …


Cute pic right?? Well what was quickly pointed out by many of his Instagram followers, was that Bosh’s daughter happened to be grabbing his crotch when the photo was taken. smdh… Only idiots would turn a picture so innocent into something pornographic. (I mean really??)

I think it was a very nice picture as well as caption posted by Lebron, but since this world is full of a bunch of judge mental nobody’s —Lebron decided to remove the photo and replace it with a tighter-cropped version.

Smdh…people are really sad and miserable. And to be perfectly honest, she’s actually grabbing the sweater that he has tied around his waist. #getyolifepeople



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