Let Him Explain….Kevin Hart Covers ANNEX Man Magazine!!


Let me find out Kevin Hart is trying to become a sex symbol?!? Now, everyone knows that with an upcoming project,..comes promo.. and currently Kevin Hart is in PROMO mode—promoting the release of his ‘Let Me Explain’  Movie that’s due to hit theaters July 3rd.!!


The movie will be a compilation of his 2012 sold out Madison Square Garden show, as well as a documentary of his life on the road…In the meantime, Kevin Hart is taking over COVERS & all dat!!lol.. Honestly, I think this is my first time seeing this dude doing a full photo spread… I promise he keeps me laughing, I could only imagine what it was like on set. Check out Kevin on his cat daddy ish after the break….  Kevin-Hart-Cover-ANNEX-2013 Kevin-Hart-Cover-ANNEX-Mag-2013 Kevin-Hart-Covers-ANNEX-mag- Kevin-Hart-Covers-ANNEX-Magazine Kevin-Hart-Covers-ANNEX-Mag Kevin-Hart-Cover-ANNEX-2 Kevin-Hart-Cover-ANNEX-1 Kevin-Hart-Cover-ANNEX-

I dont know about you, …but I’ll definitely be supporting the movie, considering I didn’t get to occupy a seat in Madison Square Garden when it originally took place!! Plus, based on the clip below….this might me crazyyy funnyy!! Peep the clip….



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