Lil Wayne Gets New Tattoo!!!—Right Across His Forehead…

Nothing this guy does cease to amaze me any more!!

But I must admit…his most recent stunt did make me SMDH a little harder!! Lil Wayne, who is known for having a body full of ink just recently squeezed on yet another. Well actually, he didn’t even squeeze it on, because he put it on a spot that’s pretty blank….his FOREHEAD!!!

Lil Wayne recently got a new tattoo on his forehead that reads “Baked“, and according to  LWHQ, the tattoo is a logo from Baker Skateboards, which is a skateboarding company.

Now what is the purpose of that being displayed on his forehead?? He couldn’t find a spot on his leg, arm, neck or thigh for those 5 letters?? smdh..that damn Tunechi!



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