Lil Wayne Gets Sued Not Once…but Twice By Producers!!


Two seperate law suits have been filed against Lil Wayne’s record label Young Money Entertainment (YME), for allegedly cutting the royalties of two music producers who were apart of some of Lil Wayne’s biggest albums to date.

Acoording to court documents, producers — Andrew “Drew” Correa and Marco “Infamous” Rodriguez filed their federal lawsuits this week.

In lawsuit #1, Drew says he inked a deal with YME in 2008 to produce music for one of YME artist, but claims the music ended up on mega albums like “Carter III,” “Re-Birth,” “I’m Not a Human Being” and “Priceless.” Drew says he was paid some royalties by YME, but the payments stopped coming out of the blue.
In lawsuit #2, Marco claims he signed on in 2007 to produce music for YME and claims his compositions were also used on mega albums, such as…“Carter III,” “Re-Birth,” “We Are Young Money,” “Carter IV” and “Priceless.” He claims YME stopped making royalty payments to him as well, and refuses to cough up any more cash.

Both producers, hired top lawyers Singh Singh and Trauben to sue YME for their unpaid earnings.

If there’s any truth to this, I’m sure a settlement will be taking place pretty soon, to avoid court proceedings. Afterall, this is Young Money they talkin’ bout!!

Source: TMZ



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