Magic Johnson Visits TBC Says He Has NO Magic Juice–Still HIV Positive & Loves His Gay Son!


For those that thought he had some type of magic potion…Magic Johnson swings by the Breakfast Club to clear it up –talks no longer having the HIV virus, the unconditional love for his gay son and becoming a phenomenal investor!!

During Magic Johnson’s interview with the Breakfast Club, MJ spilldabeanz on just how he became so successful, from the purchase of his very first radio station back in the 80’s with his first NBA check,—to giving up his shares in the Lakers!!

Magic also clears the air about no longer having the HIV virus,– says he’s not on NO Magical Drug and still have HIV.

There’s so much medicine out there now that can allow you to live a very long time, says Magic Johnson.

I have the same 30 medicines as everybody else.

Magic was also promoting Oralquick, the latest technology that would allow you to test for the virus at home during you own convienance to see if you’ve been exposed to the virus so that you can get help early, because early detection is the key.


His wife cookie was pregnant with his son E.J., (pictured above) –who openly announced his choice to be gay a couple of years ago, and will appearing as a cameo in new reality show..Rich Kids of Beverly Hills !!




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