Miami Heat Advances to NBA Finals + Floyd Mayweather Collects His $5.9 Million Bet…


Whelp ! It looks like Miami trying to take home the championship again this year…

Well, at least they’re well on their way!  The 2012 NBA Champions, put a hurting on the  Indiana Pacers Monday night,–leaving with a final score of 99-76 in game 7 of the Eastern Conference series. On Monday night, Miami Heat defeated the Indiana Pacers and advanced to the NBA Finals against the Western Conference champion San Antonio Spurs.


But, ..Miami weren’t the only ones confidant about they win last night. Boxing Champion Floyd Mayweather, bet $5.9 million that the Miami Heat team would win!! Damnnnnn…. Find out who, when, why and exactly how much Mayweather received over at



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