New Video: Chris Brown ft. Aaliyah ‘They Don’t Know’….


Chris Brown is back with his second video off of his latest album, the track is entitled ‘They Don’t Know’. The track features vocals from the late songstress Aaliyah and was shot out in Compton, CA!!

In the video, Chris attempts to unite the Bloods and the Crips,–who are known to be some of the most powerful gangs.

Chris begins the video with a message to the viewer, “Every two hours in America today a child dies of a gunshot wound. Unity is what we are afraid of so fear is insanity, lets love each other.”  On twitter, he explained his message saying,

“The new single is apart of my “UNITY CAMPAIGN” which encourages all races, genders, sexes, (everyone) gay or straight to love each other!”



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