Nicki Minaj Confirm Relationship with Hype Man Safaree…!!


I’m sure everyone already knew about the relationship between Nicki Minaj and her hype man/A&R, –Safaree, –but that was pure speculation!

Now you get to here it straight from the horses mouth! Safaree recently celebrated his birthday and Nicki Minaj took this opportunity to post the above collage along with a long heart felt message to her cuddle buddy via instagram– expressing how he makes her feel and how happy she is to have him in her life!

“Happy birthday Safaree!! Thank you so much for being such an amazing part of my life and being my best friend for 12 years. I cant imagine my life without you. Your everything to me and thank u for sticking around w/ my crazy ass :p we have been thru every up and down imaginable and i truly think it made us stronger together.

“Your the only person that can make me feel better by just being in the same room as me. You light up my day everyday with ur cockyness n sense of humor lol. Your my best friend, my hype man, a&r, producer, cuddle buddy, the list goes on and on but most importantly you are my one and only. I couldnt even think of being with someone else cause what we have is infinite. I love you baby.”





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