Nicki Minaj Puts ESPN On Blast For Retouching Her Featured Cover!


Earlier this week, ESPN released their February Super Bowl XLVIII preview and “Music Issue,” where they teamed up Nicki Minaj with NBA Lakers star, Kobe Bryant.

And all though, it wouldn’t have taken long before the haters and critics began dissecting the cover with opinions of how Nicki Minaj looks, –Nicki thought that she’d be the first to do the judging!

So, after her and NBA star Kobe Bryant wrapped up their shoot for the latest cover of ESPN, she took to her instagram to put ESPN on blast –stating:

When retouching goes wrong.”

“I love my personal unretouched photos where my forehead doesn’t mysteriously grow in length.” …and then posted her own personal pics of the shoot!!

kobe-bryant-and-nicki-minaj-in-espn kobe-bryant-and-nicki-minaj kobe-bryant-and-nicki-minaj-espn-photo-shoot

nicki-minaj-and-kobe-bryant nicki-minaj-espn-shoot



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