NY Post Calls Jay-Z A “Poor Excuse For A Husband”…


Why you mad??

Boy I tell you,.. ever since the power couple opened up the 56th Annual Grammy Awards, they name have been ringing bells not only positively—but negatively as well.

First, the British tabloids calls Bey a whore for being overly sexy and loving towards HER HUSBAND on stage, and now the NY Post is blasting Jay for allowing his lovely wife to be so sexual on a stage performing in front of millions..

I see exactly why they don’t give a DAMN what the media say, because first it was a problem that they rarely showed each other affection in public, and now when they do, they’re criticized for that too…


A writer over at The New York Post criticizes the couple for allegedly, ‘blurring the lines of what goes on in the bedroom, and what happens on national television’, she wrote:

What do you call a man who stands there smiling and singing as his scantily clad wife straddles a chair and shakes her rear end for other men’s titillation?

I’m certain if I look through enough Jay Z song titles, I’ll come up with the right name for his role in Beyoncé’s performance at the Grammy Awards Sunday night. Rhymes with Goodyear. . . ? Well, how about I just call him a poor excuse for a husband.

The article continued:

It wasn’t surprising to see Jay Z, looking pleased at his wife’s hyper-sexualized exhibition on stage.” After all, “he’s made a living singing lyrics that call women ‘bitches’ and ‘hos,’ so we shouldn’t be surprised that he objectified his own wife on stage.

The sophisticates will say that what we saw Sunday were just the long-established stage personas of Beyoncé and Jay Z; why should their marriage change that?

Well, for one thing, the happy couple have invited audiences to admire their adorable family, with dad even joking about his daughter’s sippy cups when he accepted an award on Sunday. So they’re suggesting to audiences that this kind of public sexual behavior is compatible with a loving modern marriage.

Smdh…Let’s be clear—This is a grown @ss woman who has been with her husband for over a decade now and if she feels like winding and grinding for her man in public, then she’s more than entitled to do so. And if for ANY reason her HUSBAND enjoy watching her do it, then so be it!

What is she still suppose to be singing No,No,No,No,No and I’m a Survivor nearly 20 years later?? #getyolife





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