Oh WoW! Lamar Odom Not Looking To Good After Coming Off Of Crack Mission To Meet Khloe!!!


Oh WOW!! Lamar is really starting to look like he needs help. He’s slowly beginning to disappear…–aww this is soo sad.

Reportedly, Lamar finally left the house he’s been occupying out in Palm Springs, CA for the last couple of weeks on a crack binge…

According to TMZLamar Odom left the home to meet up with wife Khloe Kardashian– at the home they share in Tarzana.  Sources say he stayed at the house for a “short time” and had a conversation with Khloe, before heading to his loft in Downtown L.A.


I really hope Lamar get it together! The last thing he need to be doing is blowing his little bit a retirement money on crack! Meanwhile, Khloe getting that body in shape…