Sisterly Love—Keyshia Cole and Sister Neffe Squash The Beef and Reunite!!


Aww it’s nothing like sisterly love…

Over the weekend Keyshia Cole hosted an in-store event for her new shoe line with Steve Madden at Lenox Mall and her sister Neffe who she been at odds with for a while now,– showed up and bought a pair of her sisters new shoes to show her love and support!

Keyshia couldn’t have been more happier, the two of them were justa grinning from ear to ear as they posted up for some pics….

Neffe later posted on Twitter:

You cannot separate #Blood it’s infused with love, power,& the ability 2 move on 2 what God has 4 his children!

Years ago, the two siblings had a huge falling out after Neffe and Keyshia’s mom Frankie decided to do their own spin-off reality show, even though Keyshia was against it.

Then it was drama surrounding Neffe’s latest book, where Keyshia took offense to some of the remarks that were made about her. So she later begin putting Neffe on blast via Twitter for being a leech and revealed during a radio interview that it would take both Oprah and Iyanla to stage an intervention for them to start talking again.

Well it’s a good thing that all that wasn’t necessary, because the two were able to sweep the beef under the rug and keep it moving!  I’m happy for them…