Tameka Foster is Denied Custody Once Again After 5yr old Son Nearly Dies in Pool Accident!!


Tameka Foster, former wife of Usher Raymond has been denied custody of her children she shares with the singer once again.

Tameka is shown in the picture above breaking down in a courtroom after a judge ordered that the children remain in the primary care of their father, after their oldest son Usher Raymond V was involved in a life threatening pool accident last week at Usher’s home. 


During cross-examining:

Usher admitted that he didn’t know whether or not Rena had a cell phone with her when she watches the kids. She apparently didn’t have a cell phone at the time of the accident so Tameka’s lawyer questioned Usher on why he thought it was appropriate for his caregivers to not have mobile phones on them. Even though Tameka claims he didn’t tell her that both of his nannies weren’t working for him anymore and that’s why Rena was watching Cinco, he insists he told her face-to-face. Tameka says one of those nannies no longer employed by Usher is currently suing him.

Later, Tameka told the judge that she never knows where her kids are and who they are with which constantly worries her. Apparently there was another incident on Father’s day when Cinco came home limping with a gash on his toe. Tameka emailed Usher to figure out what happened but he didn’t respond, so she took Cinco to the hospital. Shortly after that incident,  she claims that someone was cleaning Usher’s house and found a loaded gun that they set out in the open where it remained for days.


Here’s a few quotes from Tameka during cross examining:

On How Cinco Is Doing
My son is alive. I see he’s doing well. There are several issues that I’m concerned about that don’t seem quite normal. I would say he’s at 70 percent but he’s well because he’s alive.[…]No, he’s not able to be released.

On What She’s Concerned About
I’m trying to narrow it down to why we’re here today. My son was at a pool that I now [know] does not have a gate or any kind of safety fence or anything around it. He was stuck in a drain that doesn’t have a drain cover. A caregiver who does not swim and clearly did not administer CPR or CPR training. I have a concern about so many aspects but mainly, bottom line is my son had to be revived and brought back to life. My son died on the scene from what I was told by the doctor.

On Rena
Aunt Rena was Usher’s father’s sister. He had no relationship with her while we were married. He got into a relationship after I encouraged him. […][I’ve known her] since 2007. I never knew she was supposed to be a caregiver at all. As far as I know, she’s been on disability because of a vehicular accident and has a really bad back.[…]I never knew Aunt Rena could swim due to her disability.

On How She Found Out About Cinco’s Accident
My former husband didn’t even let me know my son almost drowned. It was about 3:30 [that day when he called me.] An hour [went by]. I was told [by Usher] that my son was injured and got a cut on his arm. I thought his arm may have been broken. He called and said that his arm has been cut and was on his way to Children’s Hospital. [When I saw him at the hospital] I broke down immediately. [Cinco] was screaming and he had a mask on his face and he was trying to get to me and they were restraining him on this table.

[Usher] started explaining once I was in the emergency room. The police were there, doctors rushing in. This was not a cut. Then he started to explain what happened. I asked him where he was. The caregivers that I’ve known him to have that he introduced to me in January, I didn’t know they [weren’t with him anymore.][…]I don’t know who my kids are with. I would assume it’s his girlfriend, his mother…I can’t even speak to my kids when they’re with him.

Wow! I’m glad to see that the little boy is ok… I feel soo sorry for Tameka though. I wonder why the courts are refusing to give Tameka custody of her children, especially after the death of one of her older children.  What do you think?? Should Tameka be allowed primary custody of her boys, considering Usher’s busy schedule?? Check out some footage of Tameka on the stand in the video below then post your thoughts..





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  2. musukos3

    that’s not true even if usher and chilli are no logner together that doesn’t mean that she can’t be friends with his mother. she has moved on. she was friends when she was with usher and remains friends so if wifey has a problem with it then stop going over his mother house. it’s up to his mother to decide who could come and who can’t come to her house where she pays her bills. so deal with it and get over it he married the man looking woman with kids.hope the marriage work cause if it doesn’t he will be the fool for falling for such a man oops he like those too.but I will always love your music. you are very unique

  3. ms_bee

    I feel sooo sorry for her.

  4. musukos3

    formerly team tomeka. so many peolpe questioned her relationship with usher mainly because of her ugly factor and the fact that she is older than usher and already had a litter of critters. all of that was just wrong! And then she lost her mind on twitter fighting with every tom vajayjay and harry – hence team usher here i come. maybe she is really crazy. and maybe their are reasons we don’t know about that motivated usher to seek full custody and more importantly maybe thats why the judge granted Usher custody. I agree SLNY i too havent heard anything bad about her parenting skills either. so it makes me question why did he win and what don’t we know that lead to ushers victory maybe we will never know. BUTTTT first off, why the hell is Usher getting off scot-free after sleeping with Tameka’s brides maid?! I haven’t heard 1 negative thing about his cheating ways from anyoneeeee in Hollywood !still im team usher. kinda crazy!

    • ms_bee

      yeah i agree…something have to be wrong for a judge to keep denying her primary custody. Obviously she’s not doing something right or doing a hell of a lot of things wrong!!

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