Toya Wright finally Defends her Husband Memphitz Against K. Michelle!!!

Shots FIRED!!! Toya Wright, wife of Memphitz has finally spoke out against the allegations made by K. Michelle (of LHHA) against her husband!! Ok, so for those who’ve been living under a rock the past couple of months, or who are not fans of Atlanta’s Love & Hip Hop Reality Show, let me give you a quick run down of the drama that has been surrounding these two.

Allegedly, K. Michelle use to date Memphitz before he hooked up with Toya, and based on her story; her and Memphitz was in a relationship and he use to manage her. That is, until he spazzed out and beat the breaks off of her, after taking her advance money she received from Jive Records. Yes…them allegations are DEEP !! So finally, after months of going back and forth with this story in interviews, Memphitz wife Toya, finally have something to say…check out her interview with “Talking with Tami” after the break..




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  1. alexusss96

    Its about time, i think toya was the one hiding under a rock…. Memphitz probably beating her too

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