Usher Raymond Custody Battle Investigated by FBI…after Investigation Launched on Judges!!

Tameka Foster is still continuing to fight for her two sons that she recently loss custody to to ex-husband Usher Raymond. But, this time Tameka got a helping hand from a local news station in Atlanta.

CBS News in Atlanta is investigating whether or not the judge in her child custody battle was influenced by campaign contributions from Usher’s team.

The judge involved in the custody case, Judge Tipton-Lane, along with another judge is the focus of an investigation launched by CBS after reports of favorable judgments for campaign contributors was uncovered, which ultimately sparked the interest of the FBI..

According to Hip Hollywood,

Tameka’s attorney, Lisa West, filed a Motion for Recusal, after learning that Judge Bensonetta Tipton-Lane had a “special relationship” with Usher’s attorney, John Mayoue. In 2008, Mayoue helped Judge Lane to get reelected. Not only was he on the board of her reelection committee, but his law firm also donated to Lane’s campaign and hosted a fundraising reception that raised thousands of dollars.

FYI, this was all legal. Currently, Georgia law allows for attorneys to contribute to judicial campaigns. However, West believes that Judge Lane should have disclosed her relationship with Mayoue in open court. Because she didn’t, West is asking for a new trial and for Lane to recuse herself (i.e. take several seats).

Not surprisingly, Judge Lane denied West’s motion. However, the motion still prompted an FBI investigation as to whether or not there was any possible judicial corruption in Raymond vs. Raymond.

–Maybe this time she’ll get a fair shot at obtaining custody of her boys! Good Luck Tameka!



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