Ut-Oh! Trouble In The Gibson Household–Keyshia Cole Vent Via Social Media!!

keyshia-cole-daniel-gibson-stripper-ciaraIt looks as though Keyshia Cole has had just about enough!

A couple of months ago rumors began to surface that KC’s husband, Daniel “Boobie” Gibson–had been sleeping around and particularly with a stripper in Houston, TX named “HTown Ciara”.

Well we’re not quite sure what brought this back to Keyshia’s attention months later that would cause her to start venting via her Twitter and Instagram account, but Keyshia was on a roll last night, taking shots at both, Daniel and his alleged new ‘boo thang’ Ciara…

According to Baller Alert,

While Keyshia Cole is currently facing IRS issues (from unpaid taxes during her 2009 A Different Me Tour), her hubby Boobie has been tricking his money off to strippers out in Houston.

He posted the following photo on his Instagram:


Then the very next day he posted another pic on Instagram with the caption “Round 2.”

daniel-gibson-at-strip-clubNow as previously stated, these pics are a couple months old–and the couple has been dealing with some relationship problems for a while now. But for Keyshia to be going off last night, it only leads us to believe that Boobie is obviously up to no good in Houston, yet again! When she tweeted:


Followed by the instagram post below…


I wish them both the best…but in my opinion, I kind of figured this wouldn’t last too long because Daniel seemed to be very insecure and jealous during their show. And with your lady working in an industry like that…that will definitely create problems.

I would hate to see anybody’s home destroyed but I know Keyshia would make a damn good album after this one!! lol




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