Who’s To Blame?? 50 Cent Talks Failed Relationship With Tony Yayo And Oldest Son!!

50-cent-oldest-son-and-baby-mama Although the dysfunctional lifestyle between him and his oldest son has been taking over the air waves more than his music, —50 Cent makes a press run to tell you who’s to blame!!

With a new album entitled ‘Animal Ambition‘ in preparation to be released, Fifty is in promo mode to get the LP in heavy rotation on a few radio stations!

So while visiting Philly’s Morning Show , not only did he discuss his next album and new Starz’s TV show ‘Power‘, but he also gave the rundown on his relationship with with Tony Yayo and why he can’t seem to manage to have a relationship with his oldest son. Peep the excerpts after the jump…..   50-cent-disowns-oldest-son Relationship With Yayo:

He had an easier perception on how things took place. He looked at it like ‘everything you said worked, you did say in the beginning it worked so cool’. While everything was actually happening I didn’t say ‘go work on your career’ because it’s obvious…I was expecting for us to have that Jay Z experience with Kanye. He stays away from them until they do good enough for him to come back around them again. In the very early stages its an easier choice to make than if you actually grew up with the person. When your first project is the largest debut in hip hop albums, so much momentum around if you go ‘okay next album I’m going to set you up.’ The next record they didn’t want the next G Unit album, they want a 50 Cent album.

On why his teenage son and baby mama distance themselves from him:

He’s completely embraced his mom’s perspective on me, it’s apart of that entitlement that you said it builds. I feel like women require maintenance…that mental maintenance is actually taken care of you can have a woman under any circumstance. You can put her in a room full of billionaires and she’ll be there until she looks down on her watch and says ‘We got to go he might be hungry’. In her case she hasn’t found anyone that’s able to do the maintenance required on her.

On His Baby Mother’s Parenting:

Kids are never equal to parents. So if your mom conditions the child to feel like you should come to them on their terms and everything else that has to be done. Everything in his life, I have provided for him regardless of if I’m there or not. She hasn’t worked since 2000 so tell me how you do that as a single mom…Your being  [a] working mom while being a single mom is being a provider in a different way. Her being in the actual home since 2000 living off of what I provide for him is enough for her not to go to actual work so it already takes that pressure off in that way but it still not quite enough. She still would feel like destroying the actual relationship is her way of getting back. She was getting a half a million dollars a year. She’s a comedian so she’s going to play with everything that teeders that line of inappropriate.




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