Will & Jada Smith Visits Ethiopia For Clean Water Charity..

Almost a billion people still live without clean water in many countries,– but your birthday can now change that!! Just like Will and Jada Smith, who gave up there birthdays back in 2010, for donations to clean:water rather than birthday gifts, you can do the same!! The couple raised more than $780,000 in an effort to provide Ethiopia with clean drinking water, and on July 6 the Smiths got a chance to see exactly what they charitable money did. In less than 3minutes, the Smith’s got to witness Yellow Thunder hit its target and clean water began to burst out of the ground!!! Check out the video footage along with some pics of the couple in Ethiopia making the dream of having clean water for many come true…

Thanks to Will and Jada, now more than 400 Ethiopians will have access to clean water. “Our trip to Ethiopia with charity: water was an incredibly eye-opening and authentic experience,” Will Smith tells Us Weekly in a statement. “It was extraordinary to meet and spend time with the people of Tigray and to see first-hand how clean water changes everything for these communities.”

Become a part of this charity campaign and pledge to give up your next birthday and bring clean water to people in need,–ask for donations instead of gifts, and help change lives at mycharitywater They did!!



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