William Balfour Sentenced to 3 Life Sentences for the Hudson Family Murders!!!

William Balfour has finally been sentenced for the 2008 murders of singer/actress Jennifer Hudson family.

In an Illinois court Tuesday, a judge sentenced William Balfour to 3 life sentences plus 120yrs on other charges for gunning down the mother, brother and nephew of Jennifer Hudson.

With absolutely no sympathy the judge stated:

“You have the heart of an arctic night,” Cook County Circuit Judge Charles Burns told Balfour. “Your soul is as barren as dark space.”

Jennifer Hudson along with her only sibling left, Julia Hudson, sat through the entire trial with hopes that he could be sentenced to death, but since the state of Illinois doesn’t enforce the death penalty, I’m sure they were more than happy with the result of his sentencing. Despite the fact that William’s attorney try to convince a jury that he was not the killer, he will not be leaving the pen unless it’s in a body bag!!! Yess, Justice has been served!!





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  1. alexusss96

    Finally he is punished!!!!! Its about time

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