Willow Smith follows her brother && shaves ALL her hair off too!!

WOW!! I remember reading an article a while ago where Jada said Willow wanted to cut off her hair like her grandmother. && this was a couple years ago, and mind you she’s only 11, so that means she was about 9. Jada had expressed how she didn’t like the idea, but did decide to compromise and allow her to shave the sides. I guess Jada eventually gave in!!–Willow probably been worrying her to death–especially after seeing her brother Jaden Smith recently cut all his long braids off!! Willow has pretty, curly hair–that she obviously cares nothing about, cause she’ll cut that thing off in a heartbeat. 

It’s honestly something about this little girl I just love….also check out the pic of her older brother Jaden Smith in his new haircut!!!



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